Tim Powers

With childhood heroes like Captain America and Mel Blanc, and a list of credits that reads like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, it’s no wonder Tim Powers is one of the most versatile and sought after voice actors and coaches in the business.

With more years under his belt than a pair of well loved Levi’s 501’s, Tim’s voice can be heard on everything from video games (find him in Genshin Impact and Final Fantasy), commercials (if you've bought a mattress lately, odds are he convinced you) to medical narrations (he can pronounce those tongue-twisters like a pro), and more genres than you can shake a script at. (Yes, that’s also him on Dateline NBC, Disney games on Alexa, and tons of dubbed shows and movies on Netflix). Tim also directs and teaches and provides one-on-one coaching sessions for voice actors of all levels.
Tim Powers Voice Actor
But Tim’s talents reach far beyond the vocal booth. He has become a superhero to budding voice actors as coach and mentor, treating his students like cherished members of a creative family (earning him the nickname ‘Cap’ after his beloved childhood hero). His coaching isn't just about perfecting lines; it's about cultivating a warm, collaborative atmosphere where everyone's unique talents shine.

Using the superpower of improvisation, with a nod to his days with The Groundlings and Upright Citizens Brigade, Tim founded ‘Timprov’, an improv workshop where voice actors embrace spontaneity with the finesse of seasoned performers, or they laugh trying.

He may not leap tall buildings in a single bound (that we know of), but Tim's unique blend of experience, versatility, authenticity and sense of fun turns the art of voice acting into an exciting, memorable, laughter-filled adventure.
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