Unleash the Voice Within
Learn from Voice Actor and Coach Tim Powers
Do you hear the whispers of a storyteller within? Is your voice yearning to narrate a thrilling adventure, breathe life into a quirky animated character, or captivate listeners with a compelling message?

Unlock your potential with the expert guidance of Tim Powers, a seasoned voice actor and coach. Tim understands that every voice is unique, like a fingerprint, and deserves personalized attention. His tailored training program will help you master the art of voice acting, from breath control and vocal projection to script analysis and character

Start honing your skills today! Tim's dynamic training sessions will help you integrate voice acting into your daily routine, whether it's practicing scripts while you get ready in the morning or taking advantage of spare moments throughout the day.

Your voice has the power to inspire, inform, and entertain. Give your voice the gift of training with Tim Powers and let it take center stage!

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Find Your Voice
One-On-One Coaching
Tim offers private, one-on-one coaching on Zoom from the comfort of your own home.
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Intensified learning: Benefit from individual attention and maximize your progress.
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Tailored instruction: Master techniques specific to your voice and unlock its full potential.
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Personalized roadmap: Chart your unique career path with guidance focused on your goals.
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Seamless integration: Leverage your existing training and experience for smoother progress.
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Unmatched flexibility: Schedule sessions that fit your busy life and optimize your time
6-Lesson Pack
Ready to supercharge your voice acting skills and save $300? This limited-time offer
gives you the personalized coaching you need to refine your voice and achieve your
voice acting goals.

Here's why the 6-lesson pack is perfect for you:
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Unleash your potential: 6 one-hour private lessons provide intensive training tailored to your unique voice and goals.
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Master essential skills: Gain confidence and control over your voice with expert instruction in breath control, vocal projection, script analysis, character interpretation, and more.
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Significant savings: Enjoy a $300 discount compared to individual lessons, making this pack an exceptional value.
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Invest in your future: This is your opportunity to accelerate your progress and take significant strides towards your voice acting dreams.
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Total investment: $750
Don't wait! This incredible offer won't last forever. Contact us today to book your
6-lesson deep dive pack and unlock your full voice acting potential!
Not ready for six? See if Voice Acting is a good fit for you with just 4 intensive classes to give you an overview of the essential skills an actor needs to succeed, and experience performing scripts using those skills. At the end of the 4 sessions, the student will receive a candid, straightforward evaluation to determine next steps. This package decreases the individual lesson price to $150.00 per lesson, from $175.

Total: $600
For professional, working voice actors who want specific direction or need a workout, Tim offers one-on-one one-hour sessions at $175 each. This is only available to working voice actors.
Demo Production
Custom written, one to one-and-a-half minute industry standard commercial demo, directed and produced by Tim and his engineering team. Two hours of preparation and rehearsals as well as two hours of studio time recording the demos. Recorded on pro equipment from the student’s home, or in a local recording studio. Client must have completed voice acting coaching with any reputable coach, and if not Tim’s student already, pass an audition in order to take advantage of this opportunity.

Total investment: $2000


Why Improv?
Improv primes the pump for that imagination. Unlock your creativity, lower your inhibitions, and feel what it's like to be present in the moment. At $25, it's a bargain.
In this 90-minute Zoom workshop, you will:
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Play four short-form improv games
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Hone your listening and quick-thinking skills
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Receive feedback and notes
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Build a sense of community, and...
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Probably laugh until you cry!
"Tim is a hilarious instructor, and he will also give you some of the best advice and direction that you can have as a voice actor. Improv is a very challenging but yet fun exercise that you can do as a voice actor, and you'll learn things that you never thought were even possible."

- Jason Leadingham
"Timprov has been a ridiculously fun experience. I've only participated in a few sessions, but I already can see my confidence building in thinking on my feet and also just being present in general, which is kind of a big thing for me. It's already benefited me and just got me so much more amped and excited to keep hustling."

- Melissa
"If you've been thinking about doing Timprov, do it, it is well worth the time and money! Tim is a hilarious instructor, and he will also give you some of the best advice and direction that you can have as a voice actor. Improv is a very challenging but fun exercise that you can do as a voice actor, and you'll learn things that you never thought were even possible."

- Ryan Horn
"One of the biggest benefits that I've gotten through doing these classes is I feel so much more confident about being in the moment. My my listening skills and ideation have really gotten sharper through doing these because by nature, improv really requires you to be in the moment, not in your head and to just go with the scene."

- Amy Burmedez
"Did you ever notice that the word 'improve' has 'improv' in it? It's just an 'E' on the end. That's the only difference. Improv is definitely going to help you improve the skills that you already have! It's going to be a laugh and a hoot, and you're really going to have a great time."

- Robyn Grimm
"It helps my voice acting, but more importantly, it helps me live my life up to my name, TJ: "Truly Joyful", or "True Jenius", or "Tired, Joe"!"

- TJ Bennett
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